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"The coltish April Kidwell, as Nomi, is a wonder. She is tireless, fearless and performing circles around Elizabeth Berkley’s portrayal in the movie."
- ANDY WEBSTER, The New York Times

"Ms. Kidwell has all the musical theater skills to carry a show, on top of an astounding talent for physical comedy — she can even dance poorly for comic effect or fantastically when she wants to dazzle you.”


"Her energy fuels the show, and watching her, you get the feeling that she could power a city with her sweat. Her performance is a tour de force. She is at once absolutely ridiculous and straightforwardly amazing.”

"April Kidwell is a fearless comic performer, delivering her lines like an orc and dancing like an orangutan"


"I wish that Elizabeth Berkley had a longer career so that April could play more of her characters. If she's not famous, like really, really famous, in five years, then something is not right with the world."
- STEPHANIE MARCUS, Huffington Post

"The literal appearance of her face made the audience cheer. That’s talent."
- BRETT EPSTEIN, Theater Is Easy

"Kidwell elevates the show to something akin to watching a magic show as a child; just when you think she’s showed you all her cards she pulls off something even better. Her performance is in a class of its own."
- JOSE SOLIS, Stage Buddy

"What really makes Showgirls a MUST-see performance is the star of the show, April Kidwell. She is brilliant as Nomi Malone! BRILLIANT!"
- PEREZ HILTON, PerezHilton.com

"Lucille Ball stripping her way into Goddess at the Stardust!"
- JILLIAN LYONS, The Many Loves Of Jillian Lyons