Hi.  I’m April.  This is my bio.  This is where I tell you where I come from and how great I am except I’m supposed to say it in third person like the guy who does the voice overs on movie previews…

I'm from different places and at sixteen I landed in Las Vegas where I was a thriving high school student at the Las Vegas Academy of the Performing and Visual Arts.  I worked my way through college by playing Cleopatra at Caesar’s Palace and earned my Bachelor of Arts from UNLV with a focus in Theatre and Dance. Yes, my Mom and Dad were very proud.  

I was hired as a production cast principal for Norwegian Cruise Lines and traveled the world living my pop star fantasy until I decided to cut off all my hair and backpack around the world on my own terms, blissfully eating whatever I wanted.  

In New York I starred as Jessie Spano in Off Broadway hit Bayside! The Musical! (the musical parody of long running 90’s tv classic Saved By The Bell) and subsequently starred as Nomi Malone in Showgirls! The Musical! (The raucously irreverent hit musical parody of the 90’s cult classic film Showgirls). Demand for Elizabeth Berkley parodies was so big that I starred in both Bayside and Showgirls to sold out audiences for back to back performances at the legendary Theatre 80.   

Word of Showgirls! The Musical!'s magic found it's way West and drag legend Peaches Christ invited me and select members of the cast to San Francisco to perform an extended sold out run of the Peaches Christ Productions rendition of our beloved musical.  

I loved my SF drag experience so much that I moved to the Bay and continue to make dumb done smart theatre. I've since expanded my parody pallet to other obnoxiously funny roles including Alyson Hannigan (Buffy The Vampire Slayer Live! at Oasis Nightclub SF) and Anna Nicole Smith (Legally Black and Trixie & Katya’s High School Reunion).

In July 2018 I premiered my first one woman show (writing, producing and starring) I, Nomi, to sold out audiences at Oasis Nightclub SF.

To balance the “dramatics” I’m an avid crocheter and a student/volunteer of the Earthship Academy (Taos, New Mexico) where I’m expanding my knowledge and passion for sustainable, off the grid design by learning how to build houses from recycled and natural materials. I am a proud volunteer with Foxhole Homes, an offshoot of Earthship Biotecture, that is currently buidling an off the grid, self sustainable community of Earthship inspired tiny houses for homeless veterans in Alamogordo, New Mexico. www.foxhole.org

Keep your eyes peeled for my first full length feature film, The Bride of Death. Premiering in 2019.

Thanks for stopping by!